Fair of Fuengirola 2017


As many of you might already know the Fair of Fuengirola starts this week on Friday, the 6th of October.

For this reason and because we love sharing our lovely traditions with you that same day, the 6th of October, Hotel Florida Spa has organised a very special free activity about the fair!

In it we will give you information about the fair, we will inform you about what is going on in town and at the fairground, we will explain you about the traditional flamenco dress and the accessories that go with it and we will explain you what to eat and drink at the fairground during the fair.

Regarding the official programme of the fair we would like to highlight and recommend the flamenco mass in honour of Virgen del Rosario. Every year this is held on the 7th of October at 10:00 on Constitution Square, right in the city centre.  This mass is not a common one; it does have the wow factor as it is quite festive and most of the many who attend it come wearing beautiful flamenco dresses.

If you want to have fun with us and get some information about the fair, we would love to see you on Friday at 11:30 in our Snack Bar. By the way, besides good info we will also give a free glass of rebujito, the most popular drink of the fair, to all guests who attend our special activity.

Enjoy the fair at Hotel Florida Spa!!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Health benefits of paella


When we think of Spain, paella is one of the first things that come to mind.

Paella is a very famous Spanish dish, but did you know that paella is not only affordable and tasty but also very healthy?

Regular paella is a mix of rice, vegetables, meat and/or fish and this provides us with many essential nutrients. It is also low in cholesterol and saturated fats as the little fat it contains comes from olive oil which is well known for its fabulous healthy properties.

This popular dish is also high in fibre (as it contains vegetables and rice) and provides long lasting energy levels as it contains slow-release carbs.  This means that we will feel satisfied longer and we won’t have unhealthy cravings for a while.

Paella is a healthy and typical Mediterranean dish that should be included in our diet.

If you love paella and you are currently on holiday at Hotel Florida Spa, or you are planning to visit us soon, you will certainly be happy to know that every week we offer two different paella options in our Restaurante Orlando and that from November there will also be vegetarian paella available.

Have a good holiday with us and enjoy the amazing dishes our fabulous chefs cook daily with love! 

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

New inhabitants in Bioparc Fuengirola


Did you know that we have two new and exotic inhabitants in Fuengirola?

These new residents live in the town centre, in Bioparc, one of the most outstanding tourist attractions in Costa del Sol.

It really is a tropical forest, a new concept of zoo where its animals live in an open space that recreates their natural habitat.  

The park is divided in 4 big areas: Madagascar, Equatorial Africa, Indo-Pacific, and the Asian southeast; and each of them accommodates animal species and plants typical from these regions. 

The new inhabitants mentioned above are two the most popular animals in the Asian southest: a Sumatran tiger and a golden-cheeked gibbon.

The tiger is a beautiful male called Harau. He is only 2 years old and arrived to Bioparc in August so they can continue with the European breeding program for this species.

On the other hand, the new golden-cheeked gibbon is just a baby, the first ever golden-cheeked gibbon to be born in Spain and one of the only 4 gibbons born in Europe thanks to the European breeding program for this endangered species.

The tickets for Bioparc Fuengirola and other attractions in Costa del Sol can be purchased on the reception of Hotel Florida Spa at a more reduced price than if you buy them directly in Bioparc’s ticket office. The price we offer for a regular ticket is 17.90€ and 13.90€ for over 65’s, which is 2€ cheaper than their official price.

If you are on holiday at Hotel Florida Spa, your hotel in Fuengirola, and you fancy meeting these two amazing new residents we recommend you not to miss a visit to Bioparc.

We are sure you will have a great time!