Halloween Pumpkins


Halloween has arrived at Hotel Florida Spa and with it comes our popular pumpkin contest.

8 of our departments are participating even if Halloween is not a very traditional celebration in Costa del Sol.  Halloween started to get celebrated in Fuengirola very recently and thanks to the good welcoming that it got its popularity has been increasing year after year as many of us simply love to be able to use our imagination and put our creativity in practice.

This is the second year that Hotel Florida Spa does this contest and if last year our staff left us speechless, this year, no doubt, they did it again. The previous contest was won by “Spiderpumpkin”, a spooky creation by the Snack Bar staff, though this time the level is so high that it is very difficult to predict a winner.

“Dr. Frankie”, “Escaroween”, “Pumpkdracula”, “Amanecer”, “Nightmare carriage”, Pumpkin King”, “Skull Killer” and “Mechanic Pumpkin” are competing for the best pumpkin prize. All of them are scarily wonderful, but only one of these terrifying pumpkins can be the winner…Which one could it be? So exciting!!

What about you…Do you have a favourite? If you are staying at Hotel Florida Spa please place your vote in our box; if you are not that lucky to be with us we encourage you to visit our Facebook page to look at our pumpkins in more detail and vote for your favourite. Same as last year the winning department will get a dinner for the whole team…What are you waiting for, help them win!

Happy Halloween!!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Picasso’s Birth House and The Picasso Museum


Picasso, the most relevant Spanish artist worldwide, was born in Malaga on the 25th of October 1881, so in order to commemorate his birth this week Hotel Florida Spa recommends you to visit his Birth House and the Picasso Museum, both in Malaga city centre.

The access to Málaga from Fuengirola in public transport is really good as you can get there by train, taking it in Fuengirola train station.

Picasso’s Birth House is located in the number 15 of Plaza de la Merced so it is easy accessible if walking. In this same square, on a bench near the entrance door of the building, there is a bronze statue of Picasso with which you can get photographed. Inside the house there is an exhibition of his paintings and some pottery works together with some personal items from the famous painter.

The Birth House is open daily and the entrance price is only 1 euro… it is totally worth it!!

On the other hand, the Picasso Museum is located in the Buenavista Palace, a building from the 16th century in calle San Agustín, right in the city centre of Malaga. It holds a permanent collection as well as some temporary exhibitions. The museum also opens daily and next Saturday the 27th of October due to its 9th anniversary the entrance will be free. The entrance is also free the last Sunday of each month after 3:00P.M, so now that you know it you should make the most of it, visit this amazing museum and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere that only the capital of Costa del Sol can provide.

Here in Hotel Florida Spa we encourage you to discover a new much more cultural side of Malaga that most of you might not know and that will certainly impress you…we eagerly expect your comments on Facebook. Enjoy the visit!!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Meet us : Juan Carlos Pedraza


This October Hotel Florida Spa has the pleasure to introduce you Juan Carlos Pedraza, one of the members of our maintenance team.

Juan Carlos is from Fuengirola, and he started to work with us almost 5 years ago.

He says that he likes his job because he has the chance of meeting many guests of different nationalities and also it makes him happy to see them coming back as this means they are satisfied.

When we asked him about the funniest thing that has happened to him during these 5 years he says: “Once I got called because it seems that a guest had just arrived and he said there was no tv in his room. When I got to his room the tv was there, but he hadn’t realised that the tvs at the hotel are flat screen and they are on the wall”.

Juan Carlos likes Spanish pop and flamenco fussion, also in his spare time he loves going fishing and having nice walks around Fuengirola.

When talking about his ideal holiday he mentions that he would love to go with his wife anywhere they haven’t been before because they love discovering new places, getting to know new cultures and getting to try new cuisines.

His favourite restaurant in Fuengirola is “La Casa Rústica”, located in calle Moncayo. This street is right in the city centre and it is commonly known as “Calle del hambre” due to the amount of restaurants it has. According to him the meat with rustic sauce you can eat there is unique…Thanks a lot for the recommendation Juan Carlos we will have to go and try it!

To finish off as a good connoisseur of Fuengirola he also recommends us to visit an observation deck over “Parque de la Cantera”, a lovely park in Los Pacos, because in his opinion the views are amazing, though he also says that the views you can enjoy from Hotel Florida are as beautiful.

What are you waiting for? If you want to enjoy the beautiful views Juan Carlos mentioned come and visit us!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations