2013 is here!


Tomorrow a brand new year starts. 2013 is here!

We always start the year with some new year’s resolutions that we all try to accomplish: No more smoking, healthy eating, relaxing more, being more sporty, learning a new language…In a few words, every year we all try to be a little bit better.

In Hotel Florida Spa we are not different. Every year our mission to accomplish is to keep working hard in order to offer you the quality service you all deserve. Everybody knows that most the times the resolutions are forgotten after just a few days, though in our case, we do accomplish them! Every year before the year ends we think about everything that has happened and by doing so we are able to see the good results we have achieved which makes us be extremely happy for having you as guests.

We would like to thank you all for this and also wish you a very happy start of the year.

If you are here with us we will certainly eat the traditional lucky grapes with you and celebrate the start of 2013 together…how exciting!

Now let’s wear our smartest clothes and toast to the New Year! Happy 2013!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Christmas Day is here!


The holiday season has arrived and as every year many of you have decided to spend it here with us in Hotel Florida, which is something that fills us with joy and satisfaction.

When Christmas is here Hotel Florida Spa looks lovelier than ever with so many Christmas decorations! A massive Christmas tree, fairy lights, garlands, a nativity…anything to make you feel like at home!

Tomorrow is Christmas daySo exciting!! We really wish that as ever you enjoy the wonderful dinner we have prepared for you and that as in previous years we have a great time together.

Though we are aware that not only we are going to have fun on Christmas day! After it comes Boxing day, another of our favourite days of the year! On Boxing Day we always have a good laugh and a great time together. This makes us strengthen even more if possible the special relationship we have, because as you know to us more than guests you are friends!

We have the feeling that Christmas 2012 is going to be magic and unforgettable because of you, so thanks a lot to all those who are going to spend this special time of year here, in Hotel Florida Spa!

And to those who won’t be with us just wish you a very happy Christmas with your families and we hope to see you very soon!

Happy Christmas!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Meet us: Isabel Naranjo


The member of staff of Hotel Florida Spa chosen this December to be the star of this blog section is Isabel Naranjo, one of the girls from Bar Miami.

We are certain that most of you already know this friendly lady, as before working in Bar Miami she worked in our restaurant.

Isa has been working with us nearly 3 years and she says that she likes everything about her job, though what she likes the most is the team spirit of her workmates and how well organised are the different departments of the Florida.

Considering she deals with guests daily she has lots of anecdotes to tell, though her funniest memory is related to the festive season as a few Christmases ago she ended up dancing conga with our guests…How amazing! We love the fact that not only our guests have fun, but also our staff! We are sure that Isa is not the only one who remembers this funny moment!

She also told us that it makes her happy when guests remember her and she feels satisfied when she sees them leaving in a happy mood, as it makes her feel that she is doing a good job.

She talked about her passion for music and she also said that in her spare time she likes being with friends and going to the beach.

When in Fuengirola she recommends you going to the beach (of course!) and visiting the Sohail Castle, the most outstanding monument in town.

When we asked her about her ideal holiday she said that she would love to travel around Spain by car with no rush or visiting the Polynesia… We hope you can do it very soon!

And to finish off, Isa would like to send you a lovely message: “It makes me very happy to see you coming back here, because after all we are like “a big family”. To those who have never visited us, please do it, you won’t regret it”.

And as this time of year is very special, Isa poses beside our beautiful Christmas tree and on behalf of all the staff of Hotel Florida Spa, your hotel in Fuengirola, she wishes you a very happy festive season!

Do you know Isa and you would like to say something to her? Would you like to send a message to the hotel staff? Do not hesitate and do it on our facebook page!

Merry Christmas!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations