Christmas in Spain: Turrón


If there is a Christmas sweet par excellence in Spain that is turrón.  It is a sweet solid dough normally sold as a bar which main ingredient is the almond.  Its production process is authentically traditional, though nowadays modern machines take part on it.

This is a very typical Christmas sweet exported to many countries, being Spain its first producer worldwide.

Very similar to Spanish turrón is French “nougat”, Italian “torrone” and Danish “fransk nougat”… ¿Have you tried any?

Turrón is known and eaten everywhere in Spain but it originally comes from the Spanish levante, being the Alicante and Valencia regions its main producers.

There are two main varieties: The Alicante kind (also known as “hard turrón”) and the Jijona kind (or “soft turrón”). The hard kind is made with whole almonds while the soft kind is made with grounded almonds and therefore it has a doughy texture.

These are the two main varieties and both of them still follow the traditional recipe, though apart from these two nowadays there are many and innovative types of turrón. Even if turrón is a very typical and traditional sweet it has also evolved in order to satisfy all customers.

Here in Hotel Florida Spa, your hotel in Fuengirola, not only we love Christmas, but we also have sweet teeth, so as you can imagine we are big fans of turrón. We can’t wait to start eating it as it is difficult to imagine a Christmas in Spain with no turrón.

Do you also have sweet teeth and you like turrón as much as we do? Are you ready for a happy and sweet Christmas? We certainly are, so come to Hotel Florida Spa and make the most of your Christmas!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Christmas has arrived to Malaga city centre


December is here, Christmas is round the corner, but are you already feeling the typical joy of the festive season? If your answer is no, then Hotel Florida Spa recommends you to visit Malaga city centre as we know that if you do so you will feel Christmassy in no time.

Last Friday, the 30th of November, its Christmas lighting ceremony took place congregating a big crowd. Not only locals but also visitors were eager to celebrate the start of the festive season.

Malaga is a beautiful city, worth a visit any time of year, but we have to admit that during Christmas its beauty is so extreme that is breathtaking.

The Alameda, Plaza de la Marina, Paseo del Parque and many other areas are already displaying lovely Christmas lights, though if we have to name a place that every single Christmas leaves its visitors speechless, that is, no doubt, calle Larios.

Calle Larios is the most important street in Malaga and its shopping area par excellence, always crowded with people enjoying their shopping in a beautiful setting. Very close to this famous street is Plaza de la Constitución, a very popular square that every Christmas homes an impressive Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations.

If you have the luck to stay in Hotel Florida Spa this Christmas, do not miss a visit to its city centre. As we have pointed out in other posts, there is a train line that connects Fuengirola with Malaga that will allow you to travel in a safe and comfy way.

Come on, visit it, eat tasty Andalusian food, go Christmas shopping, enjoy the works of art exposed in its many museums, stroll its charming streets and then when it starts getting dark head towards calle Larios…you will see with your own eyes how the street lights up bursting beautyIt will be magic!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Puerto Marina


This week Hotel Florida Spa recommends you to visit the marina of the neighbour town of Benalmádena. It is commonly known as Puerto Marina and only 1 month ago it celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Puerto Marina is one of the main tourist attractions in Benalmádena. Its peculiar architecture makes it one of the best known marinas in Europe and one of the most popular places in Costa del Sol.

There you can find restaurants, discos, shops and an aquarium among many other establishments. There is also a sailing and a diving school, so not only offers sports related services but also a big choice of leisure.

It has received the “best marina in the world” award twice and it has a permanent blue flag due to the quality of its water, the wonderful weather we enjoy in Costa del Sol and the many services this place offers.

Also many impressive big boats are tied up in there, so this is a perfect place to visit, take a look and have a great time.

The access to Puerto Marina from Fuengirola is really good as you can get there very easily by taking a bus from the bus station located in the city centre not far from our hotel. This is one of the main reasons why Hotel Florida Spa, your hotel in Fuengirola, encourages you to explore and discover the many wonderful places hidden in Costa del Sol. There is no doubt the experience will be amazing!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations