The mollete


Today, on the blog of Hotel Florida Spa, we would like to talk about one of the most typical products of the Malaga region: the mollete.

Not many people in Malaga can imagine a good breakfast without a mollete. This kind of bread bun together with a bit of olive oil and fresh tomatoes or even a few slices of black footed ham is no doubt a beautiful combination able to delight those who try it.

The mollete is not a common bread, it is kind of round and flat and it is baked in a non very powerful oven and not for very long, therefore its colour is quite light. You always eat it hot as it is necessary to toast it, its flavour is delicate and its smell is amazing as it is the typical freshly baked one. It contains very basic ingredients so it has no fat and therefore it is a very healthy product that helps us fight against cholesterol.

It is thought that the arabs were who introduced this product in the Iberian Peninsula. Although this kind of bread is baked in many Andalusian towns the most typical mollete is the one from Antequera, a beautiful town in inland Malaga just 1 hour away from Fuengirola.

You can give it a go and try a mollete in most cafés in Costa del Sol, or even buy them in any bakery, though if you have the time we recommend you to make the most of your stay in Hotel Florida Spa and visit Antequera, not only because there you will be able to eat the authentic molletes but also because you will get to see and enjoy one of the most beautiful and not so well known towns in Malaga.

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Fuengirola now and then


We are aware that thanks to your numerous stays in Hotel Florida Spa most of you know the city of Fuengirola quite well but, did you know that it is one of the European cities with a higher population densityMore than 60.000 people  in just about 14 square kilometres! Impressive, right?

Despite its small size it is one of the most important touristic cities in Spain and in Costa del Sol due to the big amount of visitors coming every year… This proves that many of you are in love with Fuengirola, so do you fancy knowing a little bit more about this lovely city?

It seems that it was founded by the Phoenicians and they got her the name of Syalis. Later on, under the Roman Empire it got called Suel and it became a very important settlement as proved by the numerous Roman remains found in here.

When conquered by the Arabs its name got changed again, being known as Sohail.

In 1485 it was reconquered by the Christians though the fear of a new attack from the Arabs meant that the city was practically uninhabited. Fuengirola started to be dependent of Mijas and its population started to grow little by little when the threat of being invaded got reduced.

It wasn’t till 1841 when Fuengirola became independent, having a population of around 400 people.

 The train line arrived in 1916 and a little bit later so did cars. In the 30s the first hotels started to get built, but the tourist boom did not happen till the 60s. From that moment on tourism has not stopped growing transforming the city completely.

Not only the good weather makes Fuengirola an appealing city, also its infrastructure, the warmth of its people and many other positive qualities make it a favourite destination to many travelers… What about you? What is your favourite thing about Fuengirola? Share your thoughts on the Facebook page of Hotel Florida Spa, your hotel in Fuengirola…We are eager to know about your preferences!

Beatriz Muñoz
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Parque Fluvial in Fuengirola


Have you visited Parque Fluvial in Fuengirola during any of your stays in Hotel Florida Spa? If the answer is no, we encourage you to give it a go, as it is well worth it.

Parque Fluvial is situated by the mouth of river Fuengirola, beside the Fuengirola Castle and the Armada Bridge and it is relatively new, as it got opened just over a year ago, becoming the first navigable canal in the Malaga region.

This is a unique attraction in Costa del Sol and a real tourist model as it allows locals and visitors to enjoy a wonderful day making the most of its fabulous facilities.

This new leisure area has specific zones to practice sports like basketball, ping-pong, boules or cycling, and also a canal with paddle boats for rent. Besides, it also has viewpoints, paths, gardens and resting zones if peace and calm is what you are looking for.

This is one of the most ambitious projects of the city of Fuengirola and its main aim was to encourage the visit of tourists with a wide offer of appealing leisure activities… In fact, it is awesome to have so many things available in just one place!

Are you up for having a different day? Do you want your holiday to be memorable and fun at the same time? Do not hesitate, visit Parque Fluvial and enjoy this unique experience.

If you already know it, what did you think about it? You know we are very curious and we enjoy knowing what you are up to when you stay with us in Hotel Florida Spa, your hotel in Fuengirola, so come on, share your opinion with us on our Facebook page!

Beatriz Muñoz
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