Fuengirola International Fair


If this week you are staying at Hotel Florida Spa you can’t miss the opportunity of visiting the Fuengirola International Fair.

This 2013 The International Fair takes place from the 1st to the 5th of May, being this its 19th edition.

We all know that Fuengirola is a cosmopolitan town and one of the most important destinations in Costa del Sol. Its great tourist offer of sun and sea not only attracts holidaymakers as it also has a big amount of foreign residents. It is obvious Fuengirola is a big melting pot and therefore the perfect place to celebrate this interesting fair which started back in 1994.

The International Fair is always held in the local fairground and this year there are 26 participant foreign countries and 6 Spanish regions.

During the 5 days that it lasts from 1:00 P.M till 04:00 A.M you will be able to enjoy for example a delicious Argentinean roast, a refreshing German beer or a wonderful Cuban mojito, together with concerts and dancing shows without having to leave the fairground.

As every year the International Fair will start with a wonderful opening parade where participants will wear their beautiful typical costumes. This year this popular parade will be on the 1st of May at 1:00P.M.

No doubt this is a great chance to get to know the customs, the cuisine and the folklore of different countries and Spanish regions… Can you think of a better way to spend a beautiful day in Costa del Sol? Don’t miss the Fuengirola International Fair, we can guarantee you will have a great time!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Meet us: Alexandra Feldmeier


Today we would like to dedicate this post to the latest member of staff to join the Hotel Florida Spa team: Alexandra Feldmeier.

Alex started working with us just a few weeks ago and she is the new person is charge of the entertainment in the hotel, so we are sure that some of you might already know her.

She told us that what she likes the most about working in a hotel is having the chance of getting to know people from different nationalities as she really loves the tourist industry and enjoys working face to face with customers.

She says that, so far, the funniest thing that has happened to her while working at the Florida was when a female guest won a line and also the bingo game playing with the same card… So lucky!

She has not been very long with us but it seems that our guests already love her as some of them wanted to say good bye to her before departing…This proves that the bonding between guests and staff is very special and that we all form a happy big family.

Alex fancies all kind of music and enjoys spending her spare time with her friends and family and doing outdoor activities. She also has a contagious positivity, which is a perfect characteristic if you work in entertainment.

To her the most outstanding thing about Fuengirola is the sea and when you are on holiday in here she recommends you to go to “Restaurante Vegetalia” in Los Boliches and try their yummy vegetarian dishes.

When we asked her about her ideal holiday she says it would be by the sea or by the mountains enjoying the good weather in good company.

Before finishing off she would like to share a lovely message with you all: “I hope I can help you if you ever need anything and I also hope you really enjoy your holiday in Malaga”.

Have you had the chance of meeting Alex? Would you like to ask her something else? Do it on our Facebook page.

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Find your perfect wine


Did you know Spain is the country with the biggest vineyard areas in the world? Have you tried the big selection of wine that Hotel Florida Spa has chosen for you? Are you a wine connoisseur or you never know which one you should choose? If this is the case, do not worry, we are going to make things a little easier for you.

Our wine list includes white, rosé and red wines, a few varieties of cava and our special sangria. All the products on the list are Spanish, come from different regions and they all have their own charm.

When on holiday many people like trying typical products of the area, for this reason among the wines Hotel Florida Spa offers you can find the Montespejo, a wonderful wine from the Malaga Mountains.

There are two varieties of Montespejo, white and red, both of them young. The main characteristic of the white one is its mildness and freshness; in short, it is a very pleasant and easy to drink wine that combines perfectly well with fish and shellfish. On the other hand the red version is classy, velvety and fruity, perfect to match it with meat or a soupy dish.

Another popular option among our guests is the Rioja, as this is one of the most important production areas in the world and also because its wines are known for being fresh and aromatic. The production of red Rioja is much bigger than the production of white or rosé. Here in Hotel Florida Spa there are 6 varieties of red, 3 of rosé and 4 of white Rioja available.

In conclusion, matching your meals with a great wine will enhance flavours and will make you enjoy the experience even more. Besides, it seems that wine activates our circulation and stimulates our heart, so drinking it in moderation with our meals can have a positive effect on our health.

We hope this post has helped you to make up your mind and choose the perfect wine. Anyway if you still have some doubts do not hesitate to ask our waiting team, they will happily advise you.


Beatriz Muñoz
Guest relations