Fair of Fuengirola 2012: Sevillanas


We can already feel the festive atmosphere in Fuengirola…why? Because, like every year, the fair starts on the 6th of October.

This fair of Fuengirola is one of the most important in Costa del Sol, it is hold in the fairground which has more than 32 “casetas” open to all visitors and it lasts till the 12th of October.

When we think about the fair, we can’t imagine it without the sound of “sevillanas” playing in the background and without people enjoying while dancing; this is why we have wanted to dedicate this post to this typical dancing and singing heard and danced in all fairs and festivals in Andalusia.

Its origin is set around the Catholic Kings times and nowadays it is the most danced regional dance in Spain and abroad.

Sevillanas are divided in 4 parts and they tend to be danced in pairs. Their lyrics can talk about many different topics like everyday life or important religious and love events among many other things.

As you well know here in Hotel Florida Spa we love to share our culture and customs with you, so during our festive week we have decided to organise some classes related to the fair. We really hope you are eager to participate! The experience will help you to understand and live the fair and we promise you that you will have lots of fun.  Pay attention to our Facebook page as we will inform you there about what we have on hold for you. Do not miss it, come and enjoy with us!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations



Last Friday the 21st of September Hotel Florida Spa hosted a verdiales party. We know that maybe some of you weren’t in Fuengirola and didn’t have the chance to attend it, so for this reason we have wanted to dedicate this post to this traditional music and dancing from our region.

Verdiales have a rural origin and they come from the Mounts of Malaga and the Axarquía area which are zones in Costa del Sol not that well known by visitors. Nobody really knows when they started, but it is certain that they are the oldest musical expression in Málaga and possibly one of the most ancient in Europe, being even older than flamenco.

They are a type of fandango, sung and danced, accompanied by a small orchestra of instruments like guitars, tambourines, violins, castanets, bottles and other common objects.

Verdiales groups are known as “pandas” and each of them has a “mayor”. The “mayor” is the person who leads the group and who carries a stick with colourful ribbons.  The other members of the “pandas” are known as “tontos” (“fools”) and they tend to wear hats decorated with ribbons, flowers and many other ornaments.

The fact that they are called “tontos” (“fools”) can be a bit shocking so I’m sure some of you might be interested in knowing the reason. It seems that they are called like this because the big day in verdiales is the 28th of December, which is the Spanish equivalent to “April fool’s day”…how interesting!

Here in Hotel Florida Spa we really hope you enjoyed our party and that thanks to this post now you might know a little bit more about verdiales.

If you had the chance to attend the party or you have found this interesting we would love you to share your impressions with us though our facebook page.

We are looking forward to reading your comments!!

 Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Meet us: Virginia Ureña


This month Hotel Florida Spa would like to introduce Virginia Ureña to all of you.

Virginia has been working with us since August 2008. She works as a waitress assistant in the Snack-Bar “Palm Beach” though before this she worked in our restaurant “Orlando”.

She says that the best thing about her job is to be able to interact with the guests and getting to know them better after a few days. She also adds: “once a guest made a flower with a napkin and he gave it to me” … What a beautiful gesture!  good work, Virginia, it is obvious this guest was satisfied with the service you provided!

Among her many funny anecdotes was the following: “Once I was preparing a cocktail that contained grenadine when the cocktail shaker exploded on me and I ended up with my face and my shirt, that was white, covered in liquid. When it got dry, the shirt wasn’t white anymore but pink”.

She confesses she has her funny little ways and that she can’t stand when tables or chairs are not placed straight. Among her recommendations is to visit “El Paso”, a well known Mexican restaurant located in calle Francisco Cano, in Los Boliches.

Her birthday is round the corner as she was born on the 12th of October, she likes pop music, and skating, though she says she doesn’t have much time to do it.

She also likes travelling and her perfect holiday would be with her family in a cottage far away from the city…how relaxing!

If you have the pleasure of knowing Virginia and you would like to send her a message, do it through our Facebook page.

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations.