Free sevillanas dancing classes in Fuengirola


Last week here on the blog of Hotel Florida Spa we recommend you not to miss the Fair of Mijas. Today our blog is all about fairs again because, as some of you might already know, the Fair of Fuengirola will start very soon. 

As the fair is round the corner now the Fuengirola Council is offering some free sevillanas dancing classes for those willing to learn this beautiful and traditional Spanish dance just in time for the fair.

 Juani Guerrero Dancing school is the local dancing school in charge of the classes and these started last week.

The classes have been scheduled for Tuesday the 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th of September and 2nd of October at 8:00 P.M in the Cristobal Blanca del Moral Auditorium located in Parque de España, the most important park in town, right by the new Town Hall and very close to Bioparc.

If right now you are enjoying some lovely days at Hotel Florida Spa, your hotel in Fuengirola, and you have always wanted to learn how to dance flamenco, we recommend attending this fun classes. Besides, you do not even need to book them in advance!

Enjoy your holiday in Fuengirola and let’s start getting ready for our beautiful fair!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Fair of Mijas 2018


Just two weeks ago here on the blog of Hotel Florida Spa we recommended you go to Mijas to enjoy its fantastic Contemporary Art Museum.  

Today, however, we would like you to go to Mijas for a very different reason as this week its fair is on.

This fair, in honour of the patron of Mijas, Virgen de la Peña, is celebrated every year in early September.

The Fair of Mijas 2018 will start on Wednesday, the 5th of September, and will be on until Sunday the 9th of September.

Out of all these days the 8th of September is the most important one as it is the day of Virgen de la Peña and because of this the Virgin is taken out in a beautiful procession in the evening.

This, in fact, is one of the most beautiful religious acts in Costa del Sol, so it is worth seeing.

As you might already know getting to Mijas from Fuengirola is quite easy thanks to the fantastic bus service that connects both towns.

Buses to Mijas depart every 25 minutes from Fuengirola bus station and during the fair they tend to be operative for longer than normal to make sure lots of people can enjoy the fantastic fair.

We hope you follow our recommendation and have lots of fun in Mijas!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations


Arabic Souk in Benalmadena Pueblo


Last week here on the blog of Hotel Florida Spa we recommended to go to Mijas Pueblo to visit its fantastic Contemporary Art Museum.

Today we would like to recommend visiting Benalmadena Pueblo, another beautiful white village in Costa del Sol.

Besides its beauty, the reason of our recommendation is because from Thursday 30th of August, till Sunday, the 2nd of September, it will be the 8th edition of its Arabic Souk.

While it is on the streets and main squares of the village as well as the Jardines del Muro gardens will give its visitors the impression of being in a genuine Arabic Souk as there will be market stalls and so on.  

The Benalmadena Council has also organised special activities in the morning-afternoon (11:30 – 14:30) and in the evening (17:30 – 00:00) like a Moorish music and dancing parade or an archery demonstration.

If you are currently on holiday at Hotel Florida Spa, your hotel in Fuengirola, and you feel like visiting Benalmadena Pueblo, we hope you also enjoy this superb event.

Summer in Costa del Sol is quite unique!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations