The Dolmens of Menga


If you are passionate about art and prehistory, you like learning new things and exploring new places while on holiday, then what we are going to tell you right now might awake your curiosity and your adventurous spirit.

Stonehenge, the fascinating megalithic monument in the South of England, is known around the world but did you know that the tallest group of dolmens in Europe is in the South of Spain and they are even bigger than ones in Stonehenge?

Luckily the dolmens we are talking about are in Malaga; to be more precise they are in the town of Antequera at about 31 miles from Malaga and 49 miles from Fuengirola.

Known as the Dolmens of Menga, this archeological ensemble is one of the most important ones in Europe and in the world, even if it is much less popular than the one in Stonehenge.

On this blog we always do our best to motivate you and encourage you to discover the secrets that our region hides. Well, the Dolmens of Menga are a great example of a hidden wonder as not many tourists coming to Malaga know about their existence, which is a pity considering they are well worth a visit.

If you are interested in prehistory we encourage you to make the most of your holiday at Hotel Florida Spa by visiting Antequera and its spectacular dolmens.

They are well unique and you won’t find something like that anywhere in the world!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations



Summertime is almost here so according to tradition we all will celebrate its arrival the night of the 23rd of June, San Juan’s Night.

Nowadays we go to the beach as soon as the good weather starts, but in the old times Spaniards didn’t go to the beach until this day arrived.

Bonfires and “moragas” are very typical on this night, bonfires because of the purifying effect of fire and “moragas” because they are very popular in Malaga.

A “moraga” is a night party celebrated at the beach with friends or family. They have evolved with the pass of the years as during the 19th century people ate the fish they had captured at the beach while they enjoyed the sound of music coming from a guitar while nowadays having a “moraga” is just an excuse to meet, have a great time and eat and drink whatever you brought with you.

It starts on San Juan’s but for the length of the summer “moragas” are very popular as it is difficult to find a better plan on hot summer night.

In fact in Fuengirola  “moragas” are so popular that they are controlled by the city council that has even established an area at the beach to have this kind of party.

Being in Costa del Sol, it is obvious that the arrival of summer is quite an event to us so for this reason here at Hotel Florida Spa we would like to celebrate it with you next Sunday the 23rd of June from 11:30 P.M at the Rivera Beach Club, opposite Hotel Yaramar. If you fancy the plan you only have to sign up in reception.

We hope to see you!!!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

María Zambrano Station


Have you ever visited Malaga city while on holiday at Hotel Florida Spa and have taken the train to get there? In Malaga city there are two main train stations: Malaga María Zambrano and Malaga Centre.

The first of them, María Zambrano, thanks to the Spanish high speed train AVE, has become one of the most important stations in Spain due to the amount of passengers that use it.

Open in 2006 this is not an old school station as it offers train services but also a wide leisure area and many stores as in the same building there is a well known shopping centre called Vialia.

Vialia has two floors and more than 100 establishment of all kind. There are shops, restaurants, a multi screen cinema, a bowling alley and many more things that will make you have a fantastic time.

Although it is not the most central station in Malaga it is quite close to the city centre which means that you can have a nice walk and visit Malaga and its monuments.

Get off the train in María Zambrano station and make the most of all the services it offers!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations