Meet us: Rocio Loscertales


Rocio Loscertales - Hotel Florida Spa Fuengirola

Rocio Loscertales works as a waittress in our restaurant Orlando. She was born in Ronda and has been working with us for nearly 5 years. She says that what she likes most about working at Hotel Florida Spa in Fuengirola is that “guests are very nice and respectful”.

She also shared with us her favourite anecdote:

“When I started working at the hotel, my hair was really short. With time, I let it grow and my look changed quite a bit. After a 2 weeks stay a guest told me that he missed a girl that did not work at the hotel anymore. As the conversation went on I realized it was myself!”


Oh! And her birthday is on the 8th of February. Take note of it because she likes it when people congratulate her, even if its late…

“A guest came on holidays in February and remembered my birthday from last year. That day I did not work but the next day the first thing he did was to look for me and congratulate me giving me a beautiful card.”


Rocio is an enthusiast and works hard on improving her English. This is her message for all of you:

“I feel very proud for how you (our guests) have treated me during this years. You have made me feel professional and very important in my job. Day after day I learn that what always stays with you is education and good manners, something you should never loose. I try to be loyal to my life filosophy in my everyday life. For those of you that speek to me in English, I would like to thank you for teaching me new vocabulary and for helping me with my pronunciation. Thanks to you I never lose interest in my job and feel motivated to go forward, feeling very proud of it.”


Great words from Rocio, don’t you think? Make sure you take a look at her picture, next time you are in our restaurant she might be waiting your table…

If you would like to tell her anything and you are not coming to visit us anytime soon, remember you can do so on our facebook page.


Yara Martin
Guest Relations Manager