The Bridge of the Germans


Santo Domingo Bridge in the centre of Malaga is the most popular bridge in the city and it is also known as the “Bridge of the Germans” …Can you guest why?

The story starts in 1900 when a German tall ship crashed in the port of Malaga due to a sea storm and many people from Malaga did not hesitate to help the German sailors putting their own lives at risk.

7 years after this the Guadalmedina river in Malaga flooded and destroyed a few bridges in the city. When the news reached Germany they decided to raise funds to help Malaga as a thank you for the assistance provided years before.

With the money Germany raised they built the “Bridge of the Germans” and they donated it to the city of Malaga in 1909 the day of the 9th anniversary of the shipwrecking.

It is obvious this is a bridge with a lot of history; in fact this can be appreciated on its plaque that says:

“Germany donated this bridge to Malaga as a thank you for the heroic assistance that the city offered to the sailors of the Gneisenau war frigate”…What a fantastic story!

If you are on holiday at Hotel Florida Spa or you are planning to do so soon and you have liked the story we have just shared with you, use one of your days to visit Malaga city and see this legendary bridge.

The “Bridge of the Germans” is not difficult to find as it is one of the bridges over the Guadalmedina River, which is very easy to spot, and it is also very close to the Malaga Centre train station.

As you see every corner of Malaga has history!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations