Tanning safety tips


This week we continue on the topic of tanning on our blog. Last week we shared with you some tips to get a beautiful tan and today what we would like is to give you some tanning safety tips so you can sunbathe in a more responsible way:

  • Do not sunbathe from midday till 4 in the afternoon; the sun’s rays are stronger at this time of the day so they are also more harmful.
  • Sometimes guests tell us that they got sun burnt even if the sun wasn’t shining that day. Remember, even on cloudy days we are exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, so do not take risks and use sun screens.
  • At the beach the sun reflects on the water and on the sand, so you have many more chances of tanning, though this also means that even under a parasol UV rays can reach you.
  • Always use a high protection sun screen cream. Once you are starting to show a tan you can use a cream with a lower sun protection factor.

Doctors state that sunbathing responsibly is good for our health, as it helps us to fight against stress and that the sun provides us with vitamins.

On the other hand an over exposure can lead to serious health problems, so do not forget to follow these easy tips during your stay in Hotel Florida Spa and enjoy the sun in Fuengirola without risks.

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations