A few words to say THANK YOU!


For our company our guest’s satisfaction has always been one of the most important columns that forms our hotel. The questionaries you have available in your rooms, that you kindly fill in, have always been a source of inspiration, motivation and a great guide to us.

In addition to this there are now travelers review web pages. One of the most know is Tripadvisor. Thanks to this tool, that is available to everyone, your comments are not only useful for us to measure satisfaction but also to future guests that can get an approximate idea of what our hotel and Fuengirola are like.

For this, with this post we would like to transmit to you our most sincere gratitude for sharing your experience at our Hotel Florida Spa on Tripadvisor’s website.

Yesterday we received this certificate and we wanted to take the opportunity to share the news with you. From here we would also like to thank the guests that not only give us a mark but that also offer us suggestions. This keeps us on a continuous improvement atmosphere to be able to continue offering unforgettable experiences.

Lastly we also take this opportunity to mention our staff. Most of your comments on Tripadvisor, questionnaires, postcards and Facebook mention our  wonderful team. We are very proud of the family we have formed and this certificate is for them.

Thank you for your loyalty and support.

Yara Martín
Guest Relations Manager