Halloween 2011


At this time of the year there are 2 days to take into account. First one is Halloween, which is today, 31st of October and the second one is all saints day, on the 1st of November. Here in Spain we celebrate the second one. It is a catholic celebration which has come to be a national holiday in Spain. Historically we know that this day was called all saints to be able to conmemorate all the saints that don’t have a specific date in the calendar. Nowadays on this day is when everyone visits their loved one at the cementery during the day to leave flowers.

About halloween you probably know much more than us. You will see that we have been influenced by other cultures and now some people also celebrate Halloween. This is our case. At hotel Florida Spa in Fuengirola we decorate the main areas and prepare a party for our guests.

This year we have introduced something different for us, a staff’s pumpkin contest. It has been a lot of fun for us preparing the pumpkins and seeing the results. During the last weekend we have collected votes for the best pumpkin at hotel Florida Spa and also on our facebook page. In order for the contest to be fair all the pumpkins were anonymous. Here you have the list with the department that made each one:


1  – ”JACK”  – Maintenance

2  – ”LADY GAGA FANTASÍA” – Restaurant

3  – ”PEPONA” – Kitchen

4  – ”JACKIE” –  Spa

5  – ”SPIDERPUMPKIN” – Snack Bar

6  – ”BARTOLA” – Bar Miami

7  – ”MR. FLORIDO” – Reception

8  – ”RABIOSSA” – Housekeeping


and the winner is…SNACK BAR for ”Spiderpumpkin”

Congratulations to the team. The prize they get is a dinner all together. Also thank you to all the other departments for the hard work and creativity they put into their pumpkins. Furthermore we thank you all for voting, we know it was a hard decision to make.


Yara Martín
Directora Atención al Cliente