Time to get tanned


After a rainy weekend, we are sure that now that the sun is out again you are eager to get out and work on your tan. It is because of this that this week we would like to share with you some easy tips to help you get beautifully tanned during your holiday in Costa del Sol.

Tips to get a good tan:

  • Drink a glass of orange and carrot juice daily. Carrots and oranges help you to get a tan faster and their vitamins protect your skin.
  • Light-skinned people have to be much more careful and tanning can take longer, but if a few days before hitting the beach or the pool you apply a self tanning lotion, your skin will get tanned more easily.
  • If you want an even tan it is better to have a walk than to lay down under the sun. That way we will avoid getting certain parts of our body very tanned while others remain white.

Here in Hotel Florida Spa we love to be tanned, but we are always very careful as damaging the skin sunbathing is really dangerous.

 We hope you find these tips we just shared with you helpful and that you enjoy the beautiful sunny days expected this week in Fuengirola.

 There is no excuse now…it is time to get tanned!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations