Did you know that there is a unique museum in Malaga? The place we are talking about is the Doll House Museum, a hidden gem to most visitors of the city.

This peculiar museum is host in a beautiful and small Baroque building from the 18th Century located in number 32 Calle Álamos, in the historical centre of Malaga not very far from the popular Plaza de la Merced.

Inside the building you will find an outstanding collection of doll houses, dolls and other traditional toys like trains, tin toys and miniatures.

Some of the objects in the museum are real antiques, to the point that some of them are from Medieval times.

The pieces displayed are so wonderful that they certainly amaze visitors.

If you fancy visiting a very different museum this one should be included in your holiday plans. Make the most of your stay at Hotel Florida Spa and get to do it…you will certainly find the child inside you!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations