Old Casa de Guardia


Last year here on the blog of Hotel Florida Spa we dedicated a few posts to the fantastic wines produced in the provice of Malaga and we also recommended you to visit the Wine Museum in Malaga city centre.Old Casa de Guardia - Hotel Florida Spa Fuengirola

Today wine is again the topic of our weekly post as we would like to talk about one of the most legendary and well known places in Malaga: Old Casa de Guardia.

Old Casa de Guardia is a winery-tavern funded by José de Guardia, a famous liquor and wine maker from Malaga.

The tavern opened in 1840 and it is therefore the oldest in the province. Located right in the city centre, in Alameda Principal, Old Casa de Guardia has a traditional and very special « je ne se quois » that makes it a charming place to visit.

Something very endearing about it is that although 175 years have passed since it opened for the first time in there the bill is still written in chalk over the bar.

Any wine you order in Old Casa Guardia will be amazing, but if you prefer to go classics we recommend you not to miss its famous sweet wine “Pajaretes” and a delicious dish of prawns or mussels.

If you are a wine connoisseur and you are fascinated by traditional and charming places Old Casa Guardia in Malaga is the perfect place for you.


Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations