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Get fit at Hotel Florida Spa


When 2016 just started many of us possibly had among our resolutions to look after ourselves and to exercise more.Get fit at Hotel Florida Spa  - Hotel Florida Spa Fuengirola

This Easter we have possibly eaten too many “torrijas” or easter eggs, so now it is time to focus again and get healthy.

We are aware though that when you come to Hotel Florida Spa you are on holiday, and when on holiday we tend to treat ourselves more… mainly because it is quite difficult to say no to the delicious food that gets served daily at our hotel.

We want you to enjoy our meals and to indulge yourselves, but we also would like you to feel great and to make the most of our fantastic coast and sun, so because of this our friendly Alex, the person in charge of our entertainment and activities, has organised a fun new morning activity that consists in walking along the promenade with those guests who fancy joining her.

The morning walks are done on Monday and Friday ( to start and finish your week in a great way) from 10:30 A.M to 11:30 A.M. and our reception is the meeting point.

When we walk we improve our posture, our breathing, our cardiovascular system and we also tone up our muscles… Oh, and as the walking is outdoors and here in Fuengirola we currently have a marvellous weather we will also get lots of Vitamin D!

It is all advantages!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations